ShoreVPN is a service that will route your internet traffic onboard through an other country. It will provide your yacht or connected device with an IP address that originates from another country.

Where normal VPN or proxy servers do not allow, or limit streaming services ShoreVPN is providing high throughput connectivity with full support for streaming services

By connecting via ShoreVPN  you have the possibility to use the internet as if you are in the country, unlocking all of the services normally only availble when in the country.

For example you could use iTunes as if you were in the USA and make use streaming TV services like  BBC iplayer and ESPN player that would normally only be available at home.

An additional benefit is that your internet traffic is encrypted from your device to the datacenter and back, making it harder to track or intercept your traffic.

With ShoreVPN you are not tied to a certain VPN software, we can incorporate many VPN clients. Perhaps no additional software is needed to make us of the ShoreVPN service, devices like Apple iPad have natives support for our service.

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