TrueSync is a truly unique email solution capable of meeting the digital demands of superyachts and the maritime industry.  It features two email servers, one on board and one on shore. They are configured to fully and securely synchronize 24/7 and ensure the most effective and efficient use of the internet bandwidth. TrueSync has been specifically developed for the yachting industry and guarantees a smart, reliable and fast email experience.

Why is there a need for a yacht-specific email solution?
Email communication forms a valuable part of any business and yachts are no exception to this. Captains, chief of staff and crew rely heavily on email communication for much for their work both on board and when they are on shore. Typical yacht email installations consist of one server, based either on board or on shore. The installation then solely uses the yacht’s internet connection which is, in comparison to land based internet connections, significantly more expensive and notably slower.

Every time the Captain, chief of staff or a crew member connects to their yacht email they need to connect to this one server, whether that is from shore to yacht or yacht to shore. High volumes of email traffic, use and communication put significant strain on the internet / data connection which is of particular importance for the yacht. Valuable connection data needs to be allocated to the email traffic resulting in it not being available for other technical system requirements. This can be inefficient, not cost effective and makes the sending and receiving of emails slow. Furthermore, should the yacht lose internet connectivity for a period of time, email communication is, in most cases, no longer possible. Any users who are on shore are not able to connect to the yacht email server until it is back online.

How is TrueSync different?
TrueSync consists of two servers: one on board and one on shore. Both servers are fully and securely synchronized 24/7, using what is known as an Active-Active sync feature. This feature is unique to TrueSync and therefore no other email solution guarantees this. When an email is sent from the yacht, the shore server handles the distribution. When an email is sent from shore, the yacht server distributes it to the necessary devices. Neither server is unnecessarily taxed and bandwidth connection usage is kept to a minimum. Plus, the users on shore are not reliant on the yacht's internet connection to be able to send and receive emails.

What are the advantages?
TrueSync delivers and receives emails faster. As emails are only sent to the yacht once and then distributed to the various devices, it ensures efficient and optimal use of the internet connection therefore saving on bandwidth.

It is secure and emails are filtered for spam and viruses before they get to the yacht. It is reliable and the full synchronization guarantees optimized back ups. It ensures that the onboard connection is used efficiently, without interfering with bandwidth needed for additional onboard services. This provides a better owner and guest experience.

The unique Active-Active sync feature of TrueSync guarantees a smart, fast and reliable email set-up making it the best fit for the maritime industry.

Further features include:

  • True Yacht-Shore database level email synchronization
  • Seamless encrypted connection to all devices on shore and yacht
  • No user interaction required when switching from yacht to shore
  • Full database replication
  • Shore-based spam filtering
  • Virus Check
  • Secure and fully encrypted datalink between yacht and shore
  • VSAT connection not required to receive mail when on shore
  • Receive email on board using any of the available internet connections
  • Optimized use of bandwidth
  • Results in enhanced owner and guest experience of other internet based services
  • Onshore user not reliant on yacht's internet connection to send and receive emails