Pre-summer update

10 Jun '14
Pre-summer update

Summer is kicking in, temperatures are rising. A couple of days ago our website looked as if nothing happened at YachtCloud since our launch date; Looks can be deceiving!

The YachtCloud team has been extremely busy developing new products and services, and we are proud to announce 2 new products:

  • ShoreSafe - Your bandwidth optimised, yacht-friendly backup solution
  • ShoreVPN - routing your internet traffic via your home country, allowing you to use online services as if you were at home

Not only have we launched 2 new products, we also released a new version of ShoreSync with a much improved GUI, enhanced transfer speeds, full server status overview and multi-user management. 

While continuously updating and renewing our current products, we are also working on a few new innovations. One of these we feel quite exited about and is scheduled for release mid July - so stay tuned!

Enjoy the upcoming summer!

The YachtCloud team