Introducing Echo - Managed Network Access for Client and Guest Devices

22 Sep '16
Introducing Echo - Managed Network Access for Client and Guest Devices

We are delighted to announce the launch of Echo - a user-friendly and secure management solution allowing authorized crew to be able to set permissions, register users and enable access to specific network devices. 

Echo safeguards privacy and optimizes user access by ensuring network users only ever see those devices, such as Apple TVs, Chromecast or Miracast etc, that have been allocated to them. This latest addition to our technology and media-hosting product portfolio is a must-have tool for ETOs and engineers looking to manage onboard networks.

Owner specified devices can be allocated for the Owner’s use only. As such, they remain hidden from view to guests and other network registered users.  This means that Guests cannot, for example, accidentally select the Owner’s personal Apple TV. Personal devices can be made available on the network but still remain private as they will only appear to those with permission. System managers can quickly and easily set and amend permission rights.
“There is an increasing demand to be able to easily, effectively and efficiently manage onboard networks and the client and guest devices on there.  Echo provides system managers with all the tools they need to achieve this. It is a complete network management and authorization solution. From a user perspective, access to the network is straight forward and yet managed and once on the network they only ever see those devices that have been made available to them. It results in an optimized user experience and allows personal devices to remain private”. Andre Klepper, YachtCloud Founder.

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