Omniyon 2.0

19 Sep '17
Omniyon 2.0

Omniyon 2.0 has been launched! The first Omniyon 2.0 systems have already been supplied to clients who are now able to enjoy the benefits this latest generation of our media solution. The added benefits and enhanced user experiences include:

  • New Player API providing easier support for Crestron, Savant, AMX and others
  • 4K @ 60hz support on HDMI 2.0
  • Easier system setup and manageability for IP addresses, player configurations etc
  • Improved GUI animations
  • Content support from multiple network attached storage units within a single environment

Do you currently have Omniyon 1.0 and have a support contract in place with YachtCloud? Contact us to find out more about upgrading your existing system to 2.0