LaundryBoard facilitates the monitoring, tracking and handling of onboard laundry loads. It is an easy to use programme operated via an iPad enabling crew to manage, log and track every item of yacht and guest laundry. It records and alerts crew to specific garment care requirements, provides dry cleaning status tracking and displays automated notifications related to overdue items. It has been developed specifically for the yachting industry and helps stewardesses improve efficiency and productivity.

How it works:
LaundryBoard runs off a secure onboard server with a local network and a dedicated laundry-based iPad. Unlike some app-based laundry management products on the market, LaundryBoard does not require an internet connection or data usage, data entered does not leave the vessel and updates and amendments within the product are instant.

LaundryBoard is fully customisable to suit the laundry requirements per trip, guest, garment, cabin and user.  Authorised crew log in via the onboard iPad for full access to all current and previous laundry records and information. With a complete overview of the current status of each item including details and photos related to pre-damaged items, LaundryBoard ensures that managing multiple laundry loads and following special care instructions or guest specific requirements is efficient and effective.
As all information and user entries are logged, accountability is guaranteed, product handling errors are minimised and sharing vital information is seamless. LaundryBoard saves crew time and money and increases productivity.

Product details:
LaundryBoard has been developed together with yacht interior crew to create a truly fit-for-purpose solution. One that meets the actual onboard demands and is a useful and productive tool for interior crew designed to save time and money.  It is fast, effective, simple and easy to use. All items can be photographed for easier identification and to log any notes of importance including fabric handling, damage and stains. The need for actual product tagging is eliminated resulting in reduced risk of damage or permanent flaws to clothing / linen. Notes can be added to each item to assist with sharing information and recording any special care or client requests. 

LaundryBoard features a pre-installed list of certain brands helping to fast track product data input. The product’s multiple reporting system means that status reports can be generated for active and past laundry per trip with a full record of all entered data available. Delivery notes can be generated for dry cleaning and the automated notifications and reminders ensure all items remain on schedule.

LaundryBoard at a glance:

The Facts:

  • 1 x local server plus dedicated iPad required
  • No internet connection or data usage needed
  • Secure system - entered data does not leave the vessel
  • Developed specifically to meet onboard yacht laundry requirements

Key Features:

  • Fully customisable to suit every yacht and guest
  • Provides protection against pre-damaged items
  • Guarantees accountability from users 
  • Automated notifications requiring action for overdue items
  • Detailed product records including photos
  • Records garment, trip and guest specific requirements

Additional Benefits:

  • Status reports for active and past laundry per trip
  • Permanent record of history of all trips and items which can be easily filtered
  • Delivery notes generated for dry-cleaning
  • Does not require tags to be added to garments (reduces risk of damage or permanent flaw)
  • Customisation is updated instantly
  • Works on multiple devices
  • Effective and efficient sharing of vital information
  • Seamless handover of tasks / laundry loads between crew and shift changes
  • Fast, simple and easy to use resulting in increased productivity

What the crew say:

“A smoothly run laundry requires vital information to be recorded and monitored effectively. Being able to customise garment details and review laundry actions easily and efficiently through LaundryBoard has ensured that we are always delivering a quality laundry service. Since we have been using LaundryBoard we have seen a significant increase in our productivity. On average, during charter, we are saving approximately one hour a day and the entire laundry management and handover across shifts has been seamless. LaundryBoard is an essential onboard tool for an accountable yacht interior and we are delighted with it.”

Lauren Penrose - 88m Motor Yacht

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